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  • OneGovCloud is a platform enabling colleagues across Government organisations to collaborate by sharing templates, consistent documentation, rapid insight into functional and technology areas and sharing lessons identified from their Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) transformation programmes. See the quick link button below to toolkits:

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Note: Ensure explicit consent from document owners before sharing.

  • The move to the cloud (SaaS) is a catalyst for business modernisation and transformation, enabling the development of architecture to allow scalability, integration and actionable business intelligence. In turn, this supports a better user experience, and helps drive down transactional costs.
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Shared Service Centres

Commercial Convergence

Data Convergence

Process Transformation

Performance and Quality

How can GSS help?

GSS supports your cloud transformation journey, reducing cost, time & helping you deliver a successful programme.

What will help me?

Use collateral from other Government Department Cloud programmes and engage with GSS expertise.

How Can I help?

Contribute back to this collaboration workspace to help your Government colleagues on their Cloud programmes.


Transform supports the Move to the Cloud theme of the GSS Strategy:

  • Work with those responsible for other elements of shared services provision in government – recruitment, learning, pensions, vetting, commercial, digital and facilities teams – to ensure overall systems architecture maximises the available opportunities.

Enabled by:

  • A 5 phase approach designed to cover best practice transformation and approvals with inputs, activities and outputs for each phase.
  • Readiness assessments to determine if your organisation is ready to transform and what to prepare for.
  • A 12 Diamond model for Cloud transformation success.

Click to see more about the GSS Strategy.


Expertise supports the Move to the Cloud theme of the GSS Strategy:

  • Provide expert advice and guidance to departments to support their business cases and specifications.

Enabled by:

  • Government Shared Services in-house expertise
  • Construction Crew model for augmented capacity and capability, such as solution configuration professionals, business change and test analysis.
  • Identifying the right people for the work to increase success of transformation.
  • Providing assurance and critical friend feedback enabling the Department to become an intelligent client.

Click to see more about the GSS Strategy.


Expertise supports the Move to the Cloud theme of the GSS Strategy:

  • Work with implementation partners to match their capacity and capability to demand, identify how to accelerate and reduce the cost of each successive cloud implementation.
  • Provide technical and business change support to departments with cloud migrations in progress, and ensure that the work of pathfinders is applied to the next wave of implementations.

Enabled by:

  • Shared information across Government, creating best practice, consistency and reducing duplication.

Click to see more about the GSS Strategy.

Government Shared Services (GSS)

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Vendor Events

Process Convergence

Human Resources (HR / HCM)

  • Joining Work
  • Building Workforce
  • Managing Workforce
  • Rewarding Workforce
  • Leaving
  • Managing Service

Link to CSHR Global Design Principles


  • Tax
  • Project Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Grants Administration
  • Order to Cash
  • Purchase to Pay
  • Cash Management
  • Expenses
  • Investment Appraisal
  • Record to Report
  • Non Current Assets

Link to Finance Process guidelines


  • Payroll

Link to Finance Process guidelines

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