Cloud Tech Community

Welcome to our Cross-Government, Technical Cloud Community


Working together in Government will allow us to save taxpayers money, build strong/secure and best practice technologies be innovative together and create a learning environment which benefits us, our colleagues, and the people we serve.

As Technicians, it is our job to bring to life the ambition, advantages, and potential of Cloud. This community creates a platform in which to share, learn and build together.

This community is sponsored by CDDO as part of our drive to enable DDaT professions across Government, and produced in collaboration with OGCS and CCS.

Our purpose, Aims and Objectives:

NAME: Government Cloud Technical Community

CADENCE: Informal with quarterly ‘gatherings’ hybrid. Continuous dialogue

MEMBERSHIP: Devops, Engineering, Architecture, Technical Delivery, FinOps, Business Analysis. Anyone with a technical interest. 

PURPOSE: Build and collect best practices, patterns, blueprints; enrich the common knowledge by whitepapers, blogs ‘ serve Proof of Concepts (/Spikes) for Data. Infrastructure, Security and Network, Delivery, Finance on Cloud. Build a network across Government and benefit from collaboration.

SHORT TERM GOALS: Build a community and reach all potential members; Identify proper channels and tools.

MEDIUM TERM GOALS:Review, Populate, filter content and build useful resources.

LONG TERM GOALS: Continuously gathering feedback, monitoring and improving; Open to public (some content)?  

TOOLING: Utilise existing commonly used ones (slack, gitlab, etc) + A portal for content, resource, people search across government and access to other tools. All are open to further discussion with you

WORKING WITH VENDORS: Strong gov tech community voice for getting  better value and better service from them.

How to Participate:

The community is free to join and open to anyone working in a environment. This includes civil servants, contractors, suppliers, and all. You can be a engineer, designer, business analyst, architect or anyone with a particular interest in Cloud.

The following is a list of places where we ‘hang out’, also watch this page and the CDDO Blogs for more updates.

Community conversations and Updates available at: community slack channel

GitHub Repositories : TBC

CDDO Blog:

What’s tending currently:

Dec. 2022 – Launch of the GCTC web-presence hosted on OGCS

Dec. 2022 – What to call ourselves, conversation on Slack

Dec. 2022 – Tools for sharing – What Repro’s are we all using.

Join the conversation and enter into our Community ☺